At the end of each year, we hold a photographic competition that is open to all members. We present trophies to the winners of the categories in each year's competition. The photographic competition is one of the most exciting and
contentious meetings we have each year, and is great fun for both the photographers and non-photographers amongst us. The next Photo Competition will be held in January 2018. Please take a look at the categories and rules set out below for our next competition, and then get thinking about taking images that are worthy of submitting - we look forward to you being a part of it!  We'd like to offer a special vote of thanks to Steve Gensler for donating the Viscount Trophy, which is awarded each year to the winner of the best slide category. TVAS Photo Competition Rules For the annual photographic competition at our January meeting there are four categories members may enter, using one or more of these categories:

1. The Viscount Trophy: This is for aircraft slides only, and members may enter up to seven(7) slides for this trophy. The slides must never have won in a previous TVAS competition before, but may be of any age, and can be military or civil in subject.
2. The Len Taft Memorial Shield: This is an entirely separate part of the competition from the Viscount Trophy, and the
Digital Civil and Military Shields, and entries must be identified explicitly that they are for this part of the competition.
Members may enter any image (slide, print or digital) which is aviation related for this section, providing the member’s name does not already appear on any other TVAS trophy. Each member is limited to a total of ten(10) images in this category. The images may be civil or military in subject, and may originate in any format – however see the general notes below. Entry into this section of the competition does not mean that members may not enter the other digital sections, but the same image should not be used more than once.
3. Digital Civil and 4. Digital Military
Each member is limited to a total of ten(10) aircraft images, spread across these two categories of the photo competition, in any combination required. Each image may only be entered in one of these two categories and must be identified as ‘Civil’ or ‘Military’ when submitted. The images must have been taken within the last calendar year and may originate from several different formats – however see the general notes below. General With the exception of the Viscount Trophy (which is for slides only), all images submitted must be in digital format and MUST be resized to a maximum width of 1024 pixels for landscape images or 768 pixels for portrait images; if members are unsure about how to do this please bring the images (slide, print or digital), to the December meeting, and give them, or email them (digital only), to Daryl Barber, who will apply his scanning and editing skills to them, ready for the competition. He will return your images to you at the January meeting. It will not be possible to accept prints or slides for scanning, or to resize digital
images, on the night of the competition. The owners of winning images will retain the copyright, but must be happy to have the images reproduced on the Society website and in the Newsletter. All entries to any part of the competition must be accompanied by a list of the images, detailing the name of the photographer, date and place taken, and the registration and type where known. This is to simplify production of captions for any subsequent publication in the newsletter or on the website.